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​​​​February 22, 2011
Opening ​​​ Plenary
8:30-10:00 Delivering Innovative Solutions for America's Energy Challenges- Peter Lyons, Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy, DOE
Extending Life Beyond 60 Years is not Just an Academic Study- Brew Barron, President/CEO, Constellation
Plant Life Management Activities for Long Term Operations in Nuclear Power Plants- Ki-Sig Kang, IAEA
Changes from 1st LR
10:15-11:45 Changes from 1st LR: GALL-Amy Hull, GALL (NRC)
TLAA Considerations for Life Beyond 60 Years- Eric Blocher, TLAA (STARS)
Licensing and Guidance Needs for LB60-Mike Semmler, Licensing/OE (Westinghouse)
NEI Perspective on Licensing Beyond 60- Julie Keys, Tabletop Review (NEI)
License Renewal Concerns- David Lochbaum, UCS
Driving Relicensing Through the Rear View Mirror- Paul Gunter, Beyond Nuclear
Non-NRC Regulators
13:00-14:30 Reliability Implication of a Changing Generation Mix- David Andrejcak, FERC
Clean Water Act Section 404: Introduction/Overview- Abu Moulta-Ali (USEPA)
Constellation Demonstration
14:45-16:15 DOE/EPRI/CENG NPLED Project Activities at Ginna and Nine Mile Point 1- Mark Flaherty, CENG
EPRI/DOE/CENG Demonstration Plant Project: EPRI Perspective- Richard Tilley, EPRI
Constellation Pilot Plant Project- Ronald Johansen, INL/LWRS
Constellation Demonstration Augmented Containment Inspection- Thomas Esselman, Lucius Pitkin
February 23, 2011
Overview of NRC, DOE & Industry Programs
8:30-10:00 Overview of NRC, DOE & Industry Programs- Ronaldo Szilard, Lead
Long Term Operation Project- John Gaertner, LTO (EPRI)
Light Water Reactor Sustainability: Nuclear Energy R&D for Existing Plants- Rich Reister, LWRSP (DOE)
NRC Research to Support Regulatory Decisions Related to Subsequent License Renewal Periods- Gene Carpenter, LB60 (NRC)
Materials Research I: Overview/Metals
10:15-11:45 Materials Degradation Matrix and Issue Management Tables Overview- LTO Update- Robin Dyle, LTO Matierals (EPRI)
Light Water Reactor Sustainability: Materials Aging and Degradation- Jeremy Busby, MAaD/EPDA
Industry Experience and Perspective- Mike Robinson, Industry Perspective (Duke)
Materials Research II: Underappreciated Materials
13:00-14:30 Long Term Operation of Concrete Infrastructures- Yann LePape, Concrete (EdF/EPRI)
Underappreciated Materials': Used Fuel Storage- John Kessler, Spent Fuel (EPRI)
Cable System Aging Management Implementation and Its Affect on Cable System Longevity- Gary Toman, Cables (EPRI)
Materials Research III: Mitigation
14:45-16:15 Advanced Welding-Repair Technologies for Irradiated Reactor Materials- Eric Willis, Weld Repairs (EPRI)
Buried Piping: Issues and the Approach to Resolution- Rich Tilley, Buried Pipe (EPRI)
Mitigating the Effects of Irradiation Embrittlement by Thermal Annealing- Randy Nanstad, RPV Annealing (ORNL/LWRS)
Polymer Degradation and Cable Repairs- Kevin Simmons, Cable Repairs (PNNL/LWRS)
February 24, 2011
Simulation-based Analysis
8:30-10:00 Overview of R7/Risk-Informed Safety Margin Characterization Robert Youngblood, Lead
Technical Challenges and Use Cases that Drive R&D of Next-Generation System Analysis Code- Nam Dinh, R7 Use Cases (INL/LWRS)
Enabling Methods and Tools for NGSAC in Support of Life Extension- Robert Nourgaliev, R7 Development (INL/LWRS)
Risk-Informed Safety Margins and the Proactive Management of Materials Degradation- Steve Unwin, Passive Componennt Simulation (PNNL/LWRS)
Modeling and Simulation in Long Term Nuclear Plant Operation and Safety- Stephen Hess, Industry Perspectives (EPRI)
A DOE Energy Innovation Hub for Modeling and Simulation of Nuclear Reactors- Doug Kothe, CASL (ORNL)
I&C and Information Technology
10:15-11:45 Advanced Instrumentation, Information, & Controls Research Pathway- Bruce Hallbert, INL/LWRS)
Transforming Plant Operations with Digital Technology- Ken Thomas, Digital I&C (Duke Energy, ret.)
How Sustainability Can Be Viewed in Light of New Reactors- Frank Lipinski, Online Monitoring (Entergy)
Reducing Error/Increasing Efficiency: New Models for Nuclear Plant Outages- Keith Moser, Outage Management (Exelon)
Digital Technology to Improve Plant Status Control- Greg Robinson, Duke Pilot Project (Duke)
Centralized Monitoring Strategic Plan Update- Richard Rusaw, Online Monitoring (EPRI)
Plant Optimization
13:00-14:30 Intergrated Life Cycle Management (ILCM)- Charles Mengers, Life Cycle Management (EPRI)
Life Extension and Power Updates- James Carneal, Power Uprates (GENE)
EPRI and INL Collaborative R&D on Nuclear Power Plant Cooling Water Issues- Gary Vine, Energy/Water Nexus Issues (Longnecker & Assoc.)
LWRS Advanced LWR Nuclear Fuels- George Griffith, Advanced LWR Fuels (INL/LWRS)
Other Presentations
Concrete Materials Research at the National Institute of Standards and Technology- Kenneth Snyder, NIST​