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​Flexible plant operation and generation (FPOG) is required to supply energy to an industrial process. FPOG operations provide an offtake opportunity—that is, an agreement to purchase a future product—for energy produced by a LWR power-generating station when the price offered for committing electricity to the grid is lower than the cost of producing this electricity. In one model of FPOG operations, a secondary user may benefit by purchasing electrical power, steam, or thermal energy directly from the LWR site at a cost that is lower than can be purchased from the grid either at times when the electricity grid becomes congested or for other economic reasons. At a minimum, this requires a tightly coupled connection to the power-generation operations of the nuclear power plant. The hybrid operation of a LWR plant may then apportion energy between the industrial user and the electricity grid to optimize the revenue of the nuclear power plant, depending on specific commitments, such as day-ahead electricity-grid capacity commitments and reserve-capacity agreement requirements.

Richard D. Boardman
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