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​​Multicriteria Benefits Eval​uation (MCBE) Methodology


To produce a methodological framework for the comprehensive evaluation of proposed plant improvements, providing an immediate and measurable economic benefit.

This framework will include benefit and risk paths and will consider different contexts (e.g., safety, economics, social perspective). The quantitative approach for benefit evaluation will offer a comprehensive overview of proposed capital investments, including associated costs and benefits for both short- and long-term operation.


Researchers will produce the Multicriteria Benefits Evaluation (MCBE) methodology, a framework that allows nuclear power plant operators to evaluate plant modifications and improvements from multiple perspectives: impacts on safety, power production, economics, regulatory approvals, etc.

Major decisions, like when it is most beneficial to upgrade a system, will have quantitative measurements of cost and benefits that will allow for an objective evaluation of the proposed strategies. This framework will also offer the ability to evaluate multiple what-if scenarios by presenting the impact on the plant's short- and long-term operations, offering an unbiased overview and allowing the selection of the most appropriate strategies.​

Planned Major Accomplishments:​

  • 2022—complete refinements and enhancements the MCBE methodology and demonstrate the improvements via representative case studies.

  • 2023—develop a tool supporting the framework that is easily transferable and adoptable by the decision-makers in the industry.

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Decision-making schematic under the Multicriteria Benefits Evaluation Methodology​