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The Light Water Reactor Sustainability (LWRS) Program is the primary programmatic activity that addresses Objective 1 (develop technologies and other solutions that can improve the reliability, sustain the safety, and extend the life of the current reactors) described in the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Nuclear Energy’s 2010 Research and Development Roadmap​. For the purpose of the LWRS Program, “sustainability” means the prudent use of resources – in this case, our nation’s commercial nuclear power plants. Sustainability is defined as the ability to maintain safe and economic operation of the existing fleet of nuclear power plants for as long as possible and practical. It has two facets with respect to long-term operations: (1) manage the aging of plant systems, structures, and components so that nuclear power plant lifetimes can be extended and the plants can continue to operate safely, efficiently, and economically; and (2) provide science-based solutions to the industry to implement technology to exceed the performance of the current labor-intensive business model.


The following LWRS Program research and development pathways address Objective 1 of the 2010 Nuclear Energy Roadmap:

  • Materials Aging and Degradation

  • Advanced Instrumentation, Information, and Control Systems Technologies

  • Risk-Informed Safety Margin Characterization

  • Reactor Safety Technologies

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