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U.S. Department of Energy Announces $26.9 million for Advanced Nuclear Technology

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today announced funding for three domestic projects that will accelerate advanced nuclear technology development. These projects, valued at $26.9 million including industry cost-share contributions, will allow industry-led teams to advance the state of domestic commercial nuclear capability.

10/8/2020DOE Logo
Fall Issue of the Bridge Nuclear Energy Revisited

​The desire to reduce the carbon intensity of human activities and strengthen the resilience of infrastructure key to economic prosperity and geopolitical stability shines a new spotlight on the value and challenges of nuclear energy.

9/15/2020national academy of engineering logo
The race for outage efficiency

​The U.S. Department of Energy’s Light Water Reactor Sustainability Program, led by Idaho National Laboratory, works closely with utilities to improve outage efficiencies and enable nuclear to go “toe-to-toe economically” with other energy sources.

7/31/2020ANS Logo
Can a hydrogen makeover save nuclear power?

The Energy Department and the U.S. nuclear industry have seized on the vision of tapping energy from reactors to separate hydrogen from water, creating millions of tons of the gas a year to sell to oil refineries and fertilizer, steel and plastic manufacturers.​

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Linke to article

​"You use hydrogen in the production of steel and petroleum refining. You use hydrogen in the support of vehicles that burn hydrogen in fuel cells. You use it for the production of ammonia fertilizers," said Bruce Hallbert, director of the DOE LWRS at INL.

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Sustainable Energy Economy Workshop: Light Water Reactor and Hydrogen Hybrids [INL] Jun, 24, 2020

This past January, UToledo hosted the Sustainable Energy Economy Workshop: Research & Development of Light Water Reactors and Hydrogen Hybrids.

Hydrogen May Be a Lifeline for Nuclear—But It Won’t Be Easy [Power}

​Four U.S. nuclear generators—Energy Harbor, Xcel Energy, Exelon, and Arizona Public Service —are making headway on projects to demonstrate hydrogen production at nuclear plants, but scaling those efforts up to net new end-users and sources of revenue is still ridden with hurdles, company officials said in a panel discussion at the American Nuclear Society’s virtual 2020 annual meeting.

6/11/2020Power Logo
Midwest nuclear power generators are exploring the potential of producing hydrogen on site as a way to reduce costs and create new revenue — a move that could also boost the region’s growing fuel cell industry.

​Midwest nuclear power generators are exploring the potential of producing hydrogen on site as a way to reduce costs and create new revenue — a move that could also boost the region’s growing fuel cell industry.

6/1/2020Energy News Logo
ASTM International selects AM&P article for inclusion in 2020 ASTM standard

This article discusses newly developed automated software based on the ASTM standard E1820-18 normalization method, which is a useful tool for evaluating material fracture toughness in the ductile region.

3/13/2020ASM Logo
Decades of work at Argonne National Laboratory led to pivotal moment for U.S. nuclear plants

I​n the U.S., where BWRs make up nearly a third of the reactors, regulators considered new safety enhancements to avoid another scenario like Fukushima, where an earthquake and tsunami touched off a series of fuel failures that resulted in radioactive leaks. 

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​The Light Water Reactor Sustainability Program authorizes the secretary of energy to establish a program to support existing plants in the United States.

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NRC Issues First Subsequent License Renewals, Extends Nuclear Reactor Life to 80 Years

Marking a major milestone for the U.S. nuclear power sector, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has for the first time issued license renewals that authorize nuclear reactor operation beyond 60 years and up to 80 years. 

Three More Nuclear Plant Owners Will Demonstrate Hydrogen Production

FirstEnergy Solutions, Xcel Energy, and Arizona Public Service will demonstrate hydrogen production at three nuclear plants they own starting in 2020 and 2021. ​

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