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Evaluation of Non-electric Market Options for a Light-water Reactor in the Midwest, INL/EXT-19-55090, A. Elgowainy, R. Weber, J. Holladay, August, 2019.
HERON as a Tool for LWR Market Interaction In a Deregulated Market, INL/EXT-19-56933, P. Talbot, A. Gairola, P. Prateek, A. Alfonsi, C. Rabiti, R. Boardman, December 2019.
Markets and Economics for Thermal Power Extraction from Nuclear Power Plants for Industrial Processes, INL/EXT-20-58884, L. Knighton, A. Shigrekar, Daniel S Wendt, R. Boardman, B. Murphy, and B. James, July 2020.
Technoeconomic Analysis on an Electrochemical Nonoxidative Deprotonation Process for Ethylene Production from Ethane, INL/EXT-19-56936, H. Hu, D. Ding, L. Knighton, D. Wendt, R. Boardman, dECEMBER 2019.