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​​​​​​​Integrated Operations in Nuclear (ION) Industry​ Webinar

June 24th, 2024

The meeting agenda can be found here ​ION  – Webinar Agenda

The meeting recording can be found​ here ION  –  Meeting Recording​

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​For more information, please contact Zachary Spielman, or Jason Remer​

Ready to optimize plant operations, reduce costs, and secure a sustainable future?  This webinar dives into Integrated Operations in Nuclear (ION), a powerful approach developed by the Light Water Reactor Sustainability (LWRS) Program to revolutionize your nuclear facility.

  • How ION leverages data, analytics, and collaboration tools to identify over 30 work improvement opportunities for your facility.

  • Proven strategies to empower your workforce and streamline operations, inspired by the success of the Norwegian North Sea oil and gas industry.

  • How ION's suite of continuous improvement tools can help your organization achieve its sustainability and efficiency goals.​

​The Light Water Reactor Sustainability (LWRS) Program leveraged Integrated Operations in Nuclear (ION) to identify over 30 work enhancement opportunities within the nuclear industry. This effort stemmed from the belief that data, analytics, collaboration, and advanced technologies can revolutionize plant operations and maintenance. Inspired by the Integrated Operations model of the Norwegian North Sea oil and gas industries, ION aims to empower nuclear professionals with modern communication and collaboration tools.

​ION offers a suite of continuous improvement tools, enabling organizations to achieve their objectives. By strategically combining incremental successes with long-term goals, the LWRS Program helped the nuclear industry evolve into a self-sustaining hub of excellence in power generation.  As the industry adopts more advanced, sustainable, and innovative systems, understanding the scope and effective implementation of ION becomes crucial for maintaining a competitive edge. This webinar is specifically tailored for innovation leaders who are actively developing sustainable solutions, working to enhance nuclear power cost competitiveness, and creating an attractive environment for the future nuclear workforce.​


The Integrated Operations Success Criteria was shared, which emphasizes ​the need for vertical and horizontal communication and collaboration through a data-centric model for faster and better decision-making.​

Asgeir Drøivoldsmo

Asgeir Drøivoldsmo

Trond Lilleng

Trond Lilleng

Øyvind Mydland​

Øyvind Mydland​

​PhD, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

​MSc, University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, 1977

​Engineer in IT and Automation –  part- time researcher within AI at the University of Agder

​Principal Research Scientist at the Institute for Energy Technology, Halden Norway. Asgeir has been working with practical methodologies for development and implementation of new work practices and operation concepts in nuclear and petroleum industrial research for 25 years.

​Trond has 44 years of experience from oil and gas and, through his role in the oil industry, has helped shape what is today Integrated Operations. He held the position of Senior Advisor Integrated Operation, Equinor 2008-2022.

​Executive Business Advisor with 25 years of experience, he is a top-tier expert in Industrial Digital Transformation. His expertise stems from strategizing, developing, planning, and executing digital and technology- driven transformations for major energy corporations across diverse environment and global regions.​