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Nuclear Innovation Workshop

The LWRS Program hosted a workshop in June 2019 that focused on innovation in the nuclear industry. This workshop set to help nuclear power professionals understand core qualities that are necessary for successful innovation including the processes, teams, and organizational capabilities needed to implement advanced plant technologies. Presentations from leaders driving transformation initiatives outside of the nuclear industry were given to inspire participants to think beyond typical nuclear innovation ideas.

This workshop covered approaches for vetting fast track innovation initiatives that reduce overall cost and risk. Attendees also learned how they can leverage the unique capabilities of the LWRS Program to successfully overcome barriers and enhance the overall benefits when developing advanced technologies. The workshop also focused on lessons learned and industry perspectives from utilities, innovation partners, and research organizations related to managing plant modernization and innovation.

Workshop Objectives 

  • Promoted an innovation ecosystem that reduces cost and risk through early evaluations, strategic monitoring of available technologies across industries, and implementation of the processes, teams, and organizational capabilities necessary for successful discovery and development of innovative plant technologies.

  • Provided hands-on activities that demonstrate the value of using advanced tools, methods, and capabilities, such as those offered by the LWRS Program, to overcome challenges in innovation.

  • Provided a platform to enable broad innovation in the nuclear industry by capturing industry-wide experience from utility, innovation partners, and research organizations' perspectives.

  • Enabled industry leaders the opportunity for networking and sharing of their experiences to broaden knowledge about the challenges, solutions, and best practices in innovation.

  • Provided inspiration from other industries to push the envelope for transformation in the nuclear industry.



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