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White House Cautiously Embraces Nuclear Power to Meet Green Goals6/7/2021
ARM Reaches Major Milestone and Announces Expansion Opportunity3/2/2021
How to Soften the Economy of Green Hydrogen2/8/2021
How To Light A Fuse Under The Green Hydrogen Economy1/18/2021
USEA Press Brief1/15/2021
WNN Nuclear News1/12/2021
Feds Pump $10M into Xcel Energy for Hydrogen Production12/1/2020
INL and Xcel Energy join Forces for Hydrogen-Production Project in Minnesota11/13/2020
Xcel Energy, Idaho National Lab form private-public partnership to tap nuclear energy for hydrogen production11/12/2020
US Nuclear Lab Partnering with Utility to Produce Hydrogen11/12/2020
INL and Xcel Energy to Collaborate11/10/2020
Private-Public Partnership will use Nuclear Energy for Clean Hydrogen Production11/9/2020
Idaho National Laboratory is working with a Minnesota-based company on a system to use a nuclear plant’s steam and electricity to split water.11/9/2020
The US Department of Energy has approved over $10 million in funding to help demonstrate how a nuclear power plant can make hydrogen in a way that could transform the nuclear energy industry.​​11/9/2020
U.S. Department of Energy Announces $26.9 million for Advanced Nuclear Technology10/8/2020
Fall Issue of the Bridge Nuclear Energy Revisited 9/15/2020
The race for outage efficiency7/31/2020
Can a hydrogen makeover save nuclear power?7/29/2020
You use hydrogen in the production of steel and petroleum refining. You use hydrogen in the support of vehicles that burn hydrogen in fuel cells. 7/29/2020
​This past January, UToledo hosted the Sustainable Energy Economy Workshop: Research & Development of Light Water Reactors and Hydrogen Hybrids.​6/24/2020
​Four U.S. nuclear generators—Energy Harbor, Xcel Energy, Exelon, and Arizona Public Service —are making headway on projects to demonstrate hydrogen production at nuclear plants, but scaling those efforts up to net new end-users and sources of revenue is 6/11/2020
Midwest nuclear power generators are exploring the potential of producing hydrogen on site as a way to reduce costs and create new revenue — a move that could also boost the region’s growing fuel cell industry.6/1/2020
ASTM International selects AM&P article for inclusion in 2020 ASTM standard3/13/2020
Decades of work at Argonne National Laboratory led to pivotal moment for U.S. nuclear plants3/12/2020
​The Light Water Reactor Sustainability Program authorizes the secretary of energy to establish a program to support existing plants in the United States.2/14/2020
NRC Issues First Subsequent License Renewals, Extends Nuclear Reactor Life to 80 Years12/11/2019
Three More Nuclear Plant Owners Will Demonstrate Hydrogen Production9/11/2019