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​​​​​​​​​​Program Organization

​​​ ​

​LWRS Program Management

Richard A. Reister ​
Federal Project Director ​
Light Water Reactor Deployment 
Office of Nuclear Energy 
U.S. Department of Energy
(301) 903-0234 ​


Technical Integration Office

John C. Wagner
Technical Inte​gratio​n Office, Director
Idaho National Laboratory 
(865) 274-1184 (cell)

R&D Pathway Leads

Keith J. Leonard 
Materials Aging and Degradation 
Oak Ridge National Laboratory 
(865) 576-3687​​

Donald L. Williams, Jr.​  
Technical Integration Deputy Director  
Oak Ridge National Laboratory  
(865) 574-8710 
Curtis L. Smith   
Risk-Informed Safety Margin Characterization  
Idaho National Laboratory  
(208) 526-9804
Cathy J. Barnard  
Technical Integration Program Manager  
Idaho National Laboratory 
​(208) 526-0382
Bruce P. Hallbert  
Advanced II&C ​​Systems Technologies  
Idaho National Laboratory  
(208) 526-9867

Industry Interface

Sherry L. Bernhoft  
Program Manager  
Long-Term Operations 
Electric Power Research Institute 
(704) 595-2740

Mitchell T. Farmer
Reactor Safety Technologies
Argonne National Laboratory
(603) 252-4539 

Page Contact Information:

Cathy Barnard
(208) 526-0382​​​​