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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Enhanced Fire Probabilistic Risk Assessment


To develop a software tool that enhances fire-modeling capabilities and streamlines and simplifies fire probabilistic risk assessment model development and maintenance, significantly reducing human effort and errors. The software tool is called Fire Risk in 3D (FRI3D).


Researchers will develop fire-modeling software that includes features such as fire-modeling from scratch, time- and space-dependent fire simulation, automated probabilistic risk assessment workflow, and a 3D view of fire-scenario progression.

The software will complement existing plant fire probabilistic risk assessments. It imports existing plant models and then combines the required tools and methods in a 3D environment. It is expected, based on a pilot project's results, that Fire Risk in 3D will reduce fire-modeling efforts by up to 50%, cut turnaround time by up to 50%, and decrease user error by 90% or more. This tool will help with research and development of enhanced time-dependent methods to improve the realism of scenario modeling and reduce undue conservatism.

​​Planned Major Accomplishments

  • ​Finalize FRI3D for industry technology transfer and evaluate FRI3D for other external hazards (e.g., flood); collaborate with Japan's Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry to include testing of additional simulation features and incorporation of arc flash into scenarios.


​For more information, contact​

Svetlana (Lana) Lawrence
Risk-Informed Systems Analysis, Pathway Lead
Idaho National Laboratory
Fri3d Software.png  

FRI3D software with the scenario's 3D simulation results on the left, showing the heat layers and only the source component failing (outlined in red).