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​​​​​​​​​​​Terry Turbine Expanded Operating Band


Research demonstrated, with a high level of confidence, the Terry turbine operational performance up to and beyond 4 to 12 hours that is normally credited these systems for safety function performance. Knowledge of the actual operating characteristics of these systems will provide a technical basis that may allow utilities to take credit for extended emergency core-cooling. The research will provide margins on the distribution of scarce plant resources to where they are most-urgently needed and will allow more time to transition to other core-cooling equipment, such as FLEX (flexible coping strategies), to prevent core damage. The project was completed in 2021.


terry turbine.jpg  

Terry turbine equipment is used to demonstrate self-regulating performance. ​Terry turbopumps are an important safety system credited for providing cooling water during accident conditions, similar to​ those that occurred during the Fukushima Daichi event in 2011.